The innovation against oil spills in lift shafts:


A must-have for every lift mechanic.


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  • Quick oil removal from the oil drip pan
  • The shape of the pad is precisely adapted to the oil drip pans
  • Enormous absorbency
  • Does not drip
  • Practical storage box for the mechanic

An oil drip pan is a practical product for collecting lubricating oil underneath the guide rails of the lift.

But look out, we now have the ideal product innovation to complement it: The Zauberwatte pad makes emptying this bin even cleaner, more convenient and faster.

Placing a Zauberwatte pad, which is perfectly adapted to the shape of the oil drip pan, in the pan and attaching it to the guide rail facilitates maintenance for the mechanic.

At the next maintenance appointment, the oil does not have to be carefully transferred from the full drip pan into a canister, but the Zauberwatte pad, including oil, can be removed with a flick of the wrist and without making a mess.

Another advantage is that the pads permanently bind the absorbed oil. In case the pit ever fills up with water, the oil will not spread in the water thanks to the Zauberwatte pad.


Images like this now are a thing of the past: With the Zauberwatte pad, there are no more flooded lift shafts.

The pad is round, has a diameter of 150 mm with a height of 15 mm and is adapted to rail widths between 5 and 16 mm. The pad only weighs 25 grams, but can hold up to 250 ml of oil.

The Zauberwatte pad is available in a pack of 20. A practical transport box is available as an accessory. Thanks to a well-thought-out system, the box can be used to store new and used pads separately.



  • Hydrophobic wax cotton wool
  • The Zauberwatte does not absorb water
  • Only the contaminants are absorbed
  • Contaminants are permanently bound
  • Floats permanently, even fully soaked
  • Enables dust-free working

The Zauberwatte does not spoil due to environmental influences.



Various processes enable the separation of the Zauberwatte and the absorbed contaminant.
The Zauberwatte as well as the fabric can be reused or simply disposed of.



A typical oil/cotton wool mixture has a calorific value of 45 MJ/kg. This means that the Zauberwatte can be used as a substitute fuel in thermal recycling.


§ 2 Priority of processing

(1) The recycling of waste oils shall be given priority over other methods of disposal, unless technical and economic, including organisational, constraints prevent this.


Zauberwatte takes responsibility for our environment. It’s not just the oil binding agent itself that is all about sustainability. The concept of sustainability can be defined based on four pillars: The recycling cycle, water protection, sustainable packaging and material savings.

Water protection

A big plus of Zauberwatte is that it is not hazardous to water bodies and can be removed from the water without leaving any residue. The fully saturated Zauberwatte clumps together and can be removed from the water without any issues, whereas many other oil binding agents are only available in powder form. Other practical properties of Zauberwatte are that it does not absorb water and floats on the surface of the water even when fully saturated.


The used Zauberwatte does not have to be disposed of, but can be reused. The oil and Zauberwatte are separated by centrifuging. Figuratively explained, Zauberwatte can be wrung out like a sponge.

Material savings

The high absorption capacity of the material means that less material is needed to remove oil and chemicals than would be the case with conventional oil binding agents. Compared to granules, for example, Zauberwatte offers material savings of one sixth.

Sustainable packaging

Metal drums are provided for the return shipment of the soiled Zauberwatte. Just like Zauberwatte, the barrels are also cleaned and used several times.


How the press reports on the oil binding agent Zauberwatte®.


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