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The oil and chemical binding agent “Zauberwatte”® (means “magic cotton wool”) against oil contamination.

Zauberwatte® absorbs everything that is lighter than water. It binds contamination from oil and chemicals within seconds. The Zauberwatte® can be removed without residue and then recycling.

Just 1 kilogram of Zauberwatte® is enough to absorb 6 litres of oil – 1/3 more than any other oil-binding agents that are available. Place the Zauberwatte® on the oil contamination, wait for a short period and simply remove it.

Zauberwatte® is the Winner of the European Inventor Award 2017 and certified by DEKRA Umwelt GmbH.

That is how the oil binding agent Zauberwatte® works

That is how the oil binding agent Zauberwatte® works

Water with oil

Put the cotton on the water 

Wait a moment

Just remove the cotton 


Zauberwatte® is suitable for hydrophobic liquids, for all oils and chemicals, including alcohols and surfactants.

1 kg Zauberwatte® binds 6.55 l of oil (DEKRA), fast absorption due to large surface of 3qm/g.

Zauberwatte® binds permanently, does not absorb water and floats on the surface even when saturated.

Zauberwatte® can be removed without leaving any residue in order to recycle or thermally reuse it afterwards.


  • Fast absorption speed, within a few minutes
  • Absorbs its own weight 6.5 times
  • Non-hazardous material, free from surfactants
  • Weatherproof
  • Reusable, various processes enable the separation of the Zauberwatte and the absorbed contaminants
  • Certified by DEKRA Umwelt GmbH
  • Included in the “List of tested oil binding agents”


  • Contaminated shaft pits flooded with water
  • Overflowed oil collecting tanks
  • Leaking engines and gearboxes
  • Defective oil seals
  • Siphon leakage
  • Oil spills of any kind


Wir entsorgen die verschmutzten Ölbindemittel für Sie.

We dispose of the Zauberwatte® contaminated with oil for you.
Various processes enable us to separate the Zauberwatte® from the absorbed pollutants.



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We recycle the Zauberwatte® in a centrifuge.
The oil is separated from the Zauberwatte® by centrifugal force.

You simply return the contaminated Zauberwatte® to us in the supplied containers.

In general, binding agents contaminated with oil are “waste that requires monitoring”.

These substances are expressly NOT allowed in our containers:

  • Grinding sludge, oily
  • Containers containing acid residues and/or pesticides
  • Contents from oil separators
  • Spray cans
  • Waste from painting businesses (such as varnish, paint, solvents and empty paint containers)
  • Brake linings and other waste materials containing asbestos
  • Containers with an edge length over 40 cm and residual contents
  • Oily building rubble
  • Foreign matter and impurities

The Waste Catalogue Ordinance AVV 15 02 02* lists typical contaminated waste: absorbent materials filter materials, oil filters, wiping cloths and protective clothing can be contaminated with hazardous substances.

These may not be disposed of in residual waste or household waste.


Coming soon

You could obtain the oil binding agent Zauberwatte® international.  





The perfect size for a supply of the Zauberwatte® binding agent.



  • A barrel filled with 5 kg of the Zauberwatte® oil binding agent
  • Use as a storage container
  • Use the barrel for storage or disposal of the soiled material



The packaging against leaks and for prevention purposes



  • The Zauberwatte® oil binding agent wrapped in a thin non-woven fabric
  • Very quick oil absorption
  • Large surface

Mesh Cuboid


The sturdy packaging for all water applications



  • The net allows direct contact with the oil binding agent
  • Extremely quick oil absorption
  • Sturdy carrying handles for easy handling

Net Tube

The Zauberwatte® binding agent wrapped in a very rugged net 



  • Fastest oil absorption through direct contact with the Zauberwatte® oil binding agent
  • Carabiner for easy linking to barriers
  • Integrated rope for increased durability

Non-woven Fabric Cloths


The perfect product variant for minor oil spills 



  • Very practical in everyday life
  • Quick absorption capacity

Non-woven Fabric Hoses


The Zauberwatte® variant to contain oil spills on the water



  • Combines the strengths of oil barriers with those of our binding fabric
  • Sheath made from very absorbent and robust non-woven fabric
  • Buoyant even when fully saturated
  • Perfectly suited for use on flowing water

Duct Covers


Protects canal openings and other water inlets from oil ingress 



  • Durable and robust binding fabric
  • Available as round or square cover
  • Eyelets allow easy handling

Average Kit


The all-inclusive set for quick use 



  • Easy handling due to large carrying handles
  • Enables simple securing of dangerous goods
  • Including rubber gloves and plastic waste bag

Non-woven Fabric Roll


Our non-woven fabric as a 25-metre roll



  • Zauberwatte® non-woven fabric as a 50cm x 25m roll
  • Can be cut to size individually
  • Broadly applicable

Coming soon 





  • Hydrophobic wax cotton wool
  • The Zauberwatte® does not absorb water
  • Only the contaminants are absorbed
  • Contaminants are permanently bound
  • Floats permanently, even fully soaked
  • Enables dust-free working

The Zauberwatte® does not spoil due to environmental influences.


Various processes enable the separation of the Zauberwatte® and the absorbed contaminant.
The Zauberwatte® as well as the fabric can be reused or simply disposed of.



A typical oil/cotton wool mixture has a calorific value of 45 MJ/kg. This means that the Zauberwatte® can be used as a substitute fuel in thermal recycling.


§ 2 Priority of processing

(1) The recycling of waste oils shall be given priority over other methods of disposal, unless technical and economic, including organisational, constraints prevent this.



Zauberwatte® takes responsibility for our environment. It’s not just the oil binding agent itself that is all about sustainability. The concept of sustainability can be defined based on four pillars: The recycling cycle, water protection, sustainable packaging and material savings.


The used Zauberwatte® does not have to be disposed of, but can be reused. The oil and Zauberwatte® are separated by centrifuging. Figuratively explained, Zauberwatte® can be wrung out like a sponge.

Water protection

A big plus of Zauberwatte® is that it is not hazardous to water bodies and can be removed from the water without leaving any residue. The fully saturated Zauberwatte® clumps together and can be removed from the water without any issues, whereas many other oil binding agents are only available in powder form. Other practical properties of Zauberwatte® are that it does not absorb water and floats on the surface of the water even when fully saturated.

Sustainable packaging

Metal drums are provided for the return shipment of the soiled Zauberwatte®. Just like Zauberwatte®, the barrels are also cleaned and used several times.

Material savings

The high absorption capacity of the material means that less material is needed to remove oil and chemicals than would be the case with conventional oil binding agents. Compared to granules, for example, Zauberwatte® offers material savings of one sixth.


How the press reports on the oil binding agent Zauberwatte®. 


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